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29 Mar


When considering Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka, determining your Dosha type is of utmost importance to be able to successfully treat your condition. Ayurvedic treatment focuses mostly on the characteristic of the patient and the patient is invited to learn about his/her own Dosha.

Prakriti is your natural state of Dosha. This is unique to every person and is determined from the time you were conceived in your mother’s uterus. Hence it is unchangeable and has a significant influence on your personality.  It is a crucial factor for understanding your metabolic, physical and psychological nature in life. The assessment of Prakriti requires analyzing several factors such as your skin, tongue, eyes, nails, hair, stool, urine, sweat, shape of body and pulse. Therefore, keep in mind that determining your Prakriti requires more work than simply observing your pulse.

Your Dosha can differ from your Prakriti. Deviation from nature is when your Dosha differs to your Prakriti; and this state of mind is known as Vikriti. Your Prakriti will always influence your Doshas, and you could have either one Dosha or two (and rarely, three). Understanding the concept of Prakriti and your Dosha profile will take some time and experience; these are not things you can determine with just one evaluation session.

Ayurvedic facilities in Sri Lanka focus on reading the actual state of mind of a person, determining their Dosha, and managing this information with an objective to prevent or cure a disease. Effective and successful Ayurvedic treatment focuses on managing the Vata Dosha. This Dosha is quite complex and fragile but is the important one because it governs the other Doshas. Today’s intense and fast paced life is aggravated by Vata Dosha and that is why it is important to maintain a healthy Vata Dosha.