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Beach & Pool

The Ayurveda resort offers a breathtaking Golden sandy beach with uninterrupted picturesque views of the Indian ocean for you to relax and unwind during your Ayurveda treatment. A large outdoor swimming pool is for you to take a dip at your ease, the pool is exclusively for in-house guests use and is situated right next to the golden sandy beach looking in to the horizon.


Our specialized chefs tantalize you daily with exquisite Ayurvedic food specialties, freshly prepared for you for your wellbeing preserving the food’s characteristic properties: Guna (property), Virya (potency), Vipaka (post digestive effect) and Prabhava (special attributes) during your Ayurveda Cure.

During your Ayurveda treatment our chefs ensure you enjoy the food which complements your Ayurveda cure, during breakfast you are treated with a selection of traditional Sri Lankan dishes starting with herbal porridge (Kola Keda) made out of various green leaves (Gotukola, Mukunuwenna, Ranawara, Welpenela, Polpala, Iramusu, Hathawariya, Elabatu, Erabadu), healthy mains such as Pittu, Green grams etc and of course a fruit platter all which are considered to be full of nourishment, for lunch you are treated with fresh fish and delicately cooked vegitables and herbal curries. The dinner is based on our Ayurveda doctors’ advice.

All vegetables and fruits are grown in around the hotel with no fertilizers used and sourced through the local farmers, while fresh fish is brought almost daily from the fish monger in the village itself. Our second floor restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean with fresh air and natural lighting is serviced by a staff with modest, friendly and excellent services making every meal a pleasure.

When possible we get the authentic Sri Lankan musician from the local community to compliment the dinner experience with Sithar & Thabla with traditional Sri Lankan music.

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