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Weightloss reatreat in Sri Lanka

The modern lifestyle and the change of eating habits over the last few decades have led to change in our body and minds functionality. This has resulted in most of us being overweight or leading towards obesity. Fat accumulates due to an impaired metabolism and the reduction in the fat burning capacity of the body. Ayurveda is one such ancient medicinal system which helps in managing weight holistically. According to Ayurveda, being overweight involves an inherent excess in kapha dosha.  

In order to resolve weight issues and to gain mental stability, you need to visit a secluded and beautiful place such as ‘The Privilege Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka’ to help make the fundamental changes need to achieve long term benefit. We are renowned for our unique 14 – 21 night Weight-loss treatment in Sri Lanka, which has shown many significant results for many of our guests

In Ayurveda, Over weight is described as excessive accumulation of Meda (fat/adipose tissue) and Mamsa (flesh/muscle tissue) leading to flabbiness of hips, abdomen and breast. It is considered as one of Santarpanottha Vikara (disease due to consumption of excessive calories) in Ayurveda. Medodushti (disorders of fat metabolism) may be one of the risk factors for Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD).

Causes of increasing weight

  • Increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates
  • Overeating and Irregular food habits
  • Lack of Physical activities due to sedentary life style
  • Genetics, endocrine disorders, Medical Reasons or Psychiatric illness
  • Day – time sleeping


  • Breathlessness even on little exertion / physical activity.
  • Lack of interest in doing work.
  • Profuse sweating with foul body odor.
  • Excessive hunger.
  • Feeling of tiredness.
  • Excessive sleep

Sickness lead to

  • Diabetes
  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Ischemic Stroke
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer


In Ayurveda, obesity is treated not only for weight loss but also in terms of adjusting metabolic processes by reducing Ama and the excess fat to regulate the function of Kapha without vitiating Vata.  To correct metabolism as well as strengthen the digestive and tissue fire and clear body canals, it is important to improve dietary habits and reduce the impact of stress.

During your Ayurveda weight loss program for purification we will also apply  panchakarma treatments of  ;Virechan (Therapeutic purgation)  & Lekhan vasti (Medicated enema) 

Ama pachan (oral use of digestives to augment the fat metabolism)

Ayurveda suggests that it is extremely difficult or perhaps impossible to lose weight in the presence of Ama. Due to this reason people fail to lose weight even when they limit their food intake. Hence, it is important to get rid of Ama first and then work on loosing weight.

Ruksha Udwartan (Dry medicated powder massage)

Deep dry massage with herbal powders (Udwarthana). The Udvartana therapy is the most common Ayurvedic treatment recommended to cure obesity where herbal powders (in the form of oils or dry powders) are used to remove the blockages and stiffness of the body.

Massage and Steam bath

Abhyanga therapy with specific oils followed by a steam bath is recommended.

Special herbs are used in the steam bath.  The increased level of toxins, along with excess water, is removed by means of profuse sweating.  The steam also allows the herbal paste to penetrate deeper into the body.

In order achieve weight loss results one could follow the below simple steps during day to day activities 

Fluid Intake Adjustment

Replace sweet drinks such as carbonated drinks, fruit juices and cold drinks with clean warm water with a temperature of 35-36 degrees. Sipping hot water (at least 48 min) before meals ignites the digestive fire and helps combating pseudo-hunger by allowing the free movement of Vata.  This way hydration can help you break the pathogenesis.

Fasting with Hot Water

Fasting once a week does wonders for the gut and tones the digestive system.  The breakdown of the harmful leftover unabsorbed food particles begins in the digestive fire. Care should be taken not to raise the batting during fasting. Hot broth of moong dal (a tablespoon of green mung beans boiled in 750 milliliters of water until cooked) can be an alternative to clean hot water.

Conscious Nutrition

When food is eaten carefully, the brain perceives the taste, smell and type of food and sends signals to the stomach to release enzymes and digestive juices to digest the food.  Eating while driving or watching TV, or in meetings, disrupts the digestive process and hinders weight loss efforts. 

Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle will ensure that you not only healthily lose weight but also start feeling stronger from within.