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Weightloss reatreat in Sri Lanka

The modern lifestyle and the change of eating habits over the last few decades have led to change in our body and minds functionality. This has resulted in most of us being over weight or leading towards  obesity. Fat accumulates due to an impaired metabolism and the reduction in the fat burning capacity of the body. In order to resolve weight issues and to gain mental stability, you need to visit a secluded and beautiful place such as ‘The Privilege Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka’, we are renowned for our unique 14 – 21 night Ayurveda weightloss program.

The resort provides various options such as weight loss treatment, Panchkarma treatment, and other Ayurveda treatments that can help the person in releasing stress and balance the body. The retreat is surrounded by many palm and fertilizer free gardens that provide about 100 varieties in trees. Furthermore, they use these plants to form various Ayurvedic mixtures, which can help the person in losing weight. However, they would provide all the services only if the person stays in the resort for the entire period of the retreat.

They have a combination of Ayurvedic mixtures and massages that would help in soothing the person. Furthermore, the trained staff would help in naturally releasing stress. The day at the resort starts with the sound of waves from the ocean, followed by a relaxing yoga session. Furthermore, the juices and massages provided by the staff would help in losing weight. The resort offers other facilities of the gym and swimming pool, which works as the best exercise for losing weight.

The Ayurvedic mixtures have many benefits, and the organic way of growing it at the resort helps in enhancing the benefits. The main advantages include improved blood circulation, energy levels, and metabolism. So, the enhanced metabolism and the exercises in the day would help the person in losing weight. Also, the other methods would help in releasing stress, which plays an essential role in weight loss. So, healthy food, when combined with exercise and breathtaking view, would help in achieving many targets.