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Social Responsibility


The hotel has paid great detail to the conservation of Fauna & Flora in the three acre land. The hotel has set up set up several ponds for birds to visit the hotel all year around especially during the warm period March – June. No Chemicals are used in the hotel for fertilization of the trees or for the grass. Rain water is collected through irrigation system to water the three acre land. The hotel also has used solar paneled solution to create hot water and has made the maximum use of the natural lighting to all buildings and public areas. All electrical equipment in the hotel is equipped with energy efficient items meeting international standards. We ensure our suppliers values the environment as much as we do and we ensure no waste of the hotel contaminates the water or land around the hotel instead we are working with the private sector on recycling the waste of the hotel.


The Privilege being a responsible organization which has been established for over ten years in the village, have taken several steps to support the community. The hotel purchases the fish from the fish mongers in the area on a daily basis while the vegetables are sourced to the hotel guest are from the Village delivered by the farmers them self-providing a sustainable form of income. The hotel provides employment opportunity to the village youth making majority of the work force from the same local community, the hotel also provides training opportunity for hotel school graduates in the same district. The hotel makes significant contributions to several religious institutions such as Buddhist Temples and Church for maintenance and renovation purposes. The hotel also makes contributions in terms of meals, educational equipment while funds for orphanage for up keeping purposes are being contributed on a by annual basis.