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31 Mar

How Yoga improves your health

Yoga and Ayurveda in Sri Lanka go hand in hand; they are sister sciences that have been practiced together for thousands of years to bring about a healthy mind, body and soul. Yoga is an ancient technique that uses a combination of postures and breathing techniques to enhance holistic living. It is now practiced worldwide, and has several benefits such as improving flexibility and reducing stress.

Several studies conducted over the years have shown that yoga has a profound effect on our health and bodies, from boosting immunity to improving sleep. Yoga is an important practice included in Ayurvedic treatment in Sri Lanka to help promote health and well-being.


Yoga eases headaches and migraine pain: Research shows that people who suffer from migraines have fewer and less painful episodes after practicing yoga for three months. Yoga helps adjust body posture – which is a contributing factor to headaches – and helps improve blood circulation to the head, calms the brain and reduces anxiety.

Yoga boosts immunity: Incorporating yoga in your daily life can help support and strengthen your immune system. Yoga helps lower stress hormones, improves breathing and increases circulation of lymph, which is an important component of our immune system that helps us fight diseases.

Yoga helps you sleep better: Yoga helps improve sleep quality for people with insomnia, and makes people feel less tired. This is because yoga helps people deal with stress better. The breathing and mental exercising which yoga teaches allows the mind to slow down, which helps people sleep better.

Yoga helps improve sexual desire: Yoga boosts sexual performance, desire, arousal, confidence and satisfaction for both men and women. It increases blood flow to the genital area which is important for arousal and to strengthen pelvic muscles. Yoga also improves breathing and mind control, which improves performance.

Yoga helps fight hunger cravings: Regular yoga practice makes you more aware of physical and emotional sensations while you eat – this is also known as mindful eating. By being aware of breathing during yoga sessions, this will help strengthen the mind-body connection, which is useful to control cravings for food.