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Ayurvedic Cure in Sri Lanka

31 Mar

Ayurvedic Cure in Sri Lanka

Many hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka are now specializing solely on the provision of Ayurvedic therapies to clients. The demand for Ayurvedic treatment options is on the rise and the tourism industry recognizes this and is diversifying to meet these needs. The resorts that cater to Ayurvedic cure in Sri Lanka create an atmosphere that is favorable for the Ayurvedic lifestyle. For example, meditation and Yoga classes are on throughout the day to enhance peace of body and mind.

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Why would one choose to be cured with Ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka?
To understand this, one should understand the difference between Western medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Western medicine tries to provide better health by prescribing drugs based on certain symptoms and diseases. Although many lives have been saved with this medicine, the toxins often tend to weaken the body. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka focuses on the energy that maintains balance rather than the disease itself. By reducing stress and bringing the body back to a state of balance, Sri Lankan Ayurvedic doctors believe that the balanced state will strengthen the natural defense system and as a result will act as a defense against the disease.

What does Ayurvedic forms of treatment in Sri Lanka consist of?
An Ayurvedic practitioner in Sri Lanka will first evaluate your disease and link it to an imbalance in your body, mind or consciousness. Physical examination, questioning and observation are often required for the practitioner to present a diagnosis. Treatments include palliative and cleansing techniques wherever appropriate to rid any existing imbalances and a suggested course of action to prevent further disorders in the constitution. Certain lifestyle changes may be required; consumption of herbs through food or massages, and a strict diet may have to be maintained. Panchakarma is a cleansing program available in Sri Lanka, which many practitioners recommend to eliminate toxins from one’s body and to experience the benefits of Ayurveda.

Below is a detailed description of available Ayurvedic cures in Sri Lanka:


This phase takes place before the actual cleansing treatment. It is a preparatory phase to prepare the client’s mind and body, which takes place a few days before the cleansing treatment begins. Poorvakarma helps in making the detoxification process more comfortable. Techniques for preparation are of three main types:

  • Deepana and Pachana – a process to improve appetite and digestive system of the body.
  • Snehana – internal and external application of oil
  • Grutha pana – therapy with the use of purified Ghee
  • Abhyanga and Dhara – body therapies with the use of oil
  • Swedana – treatments that encourage sweating

This is more commonly known as the traditional healing massage provided to the client in an extremely comfortable atmosphere and is conducted by qualified masseuses. Different types of oils are used depending on the condition of the patient. In addition to the oils, the type of massage performed and the strokes used also vary on whether a client is looking for just relaxation or a particular cure. These are some of the main Panchakarma treatments available in Sri Lanka:

  • Abhyanga Massage aims at relaxation, toning muscles, improving blood circulation, relieving body aches and helps in disorders such as abnormal levels of cholesterol.
  • Vasthi is a massage in which herbal oils are applied on the rectum and is effective for gastritis, arthritis and paralysis
  • Vamana therapy induces the contents of the stomach to be forced out through the mouth. By doing so, the upper part of the body is purified and this procedure helps alleviate Asthma, Bronchitis, Rhinitis, Tuberculosis, stomach poison and skin disorders.
  • Virechana therapy expels waste through the anal route and is appropriate for skin diseases, urine infections, abdominal swelling and constipation.
    Rakta Mokshana therapy is where insects such as leeches and venesection horn are used to pull the blood out of one’s system.
  • Nasya Therapy is a treatment where pure herbal juices are injected through the nose. This is an effective treatment for mental disorders, headaches, paralysis, and sinusitis.
  • Pinda Sweda is a process in which the masseuse will massage the client with ‘pinda’ to relieve pain in joint and limbs. This treatment is also useful for high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.
  • Shirodhara is the continuous flow of oil on the patient’s head using a special technique. The oil can be herbal or medicated milk and can be used for the treatment of headaches, memory loss and mental disorders.
  • Udvartana is a medicated powder massage proved to be effective in paralysis, obesity, impaired circulation and skin diseases. This procedure requires the help of two masseuses who apply special herbal powders on the body in a certain way to help cure the patient.
  • Uro Vasthi involves placing warm medicated oil on the patient’s chest. This procedure is very helpful for Asthma and other respiratory problems.

Ayurvedic facial treatments are also available, which make use of herbal pastes and steam to help clear skin and eliminate wrinkles.


After completion of your Ayurvedic cure package in Sri Lanka, there are further treatments and therapies that you can sign up for in order to increase the benefits of your Panchakarma treatment.

  • Sansarjana Karma – treatments to intensify what was performed in the previous Panchakarma phase.
  • Rasayana – treatments to help rejuvenate the body.
  • Shamana – this is the process of palliation.